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Wendy the WEAVER

Hand made with love, joy and intention, the one-of-a-kind textile art of Wendy Bialek invokes the colors, textures, patterns, and fibers of cultures all around the world.

Wendy brings six decades of experience to her mixed media textile art that includes exquisite pieces for the wall and unique decorative vessels. 

Wendy has completed creations available, as well as offering custom opportunities for co-creating textile art to fit your personal style and individual needs with Wendy guiding your choices of color, materials, and design along the way.

Textile art has an unusual ability to bring a sense of balance, warmth, and richness into any space. It can be an accent that pulls a room together, a focal point to energize a specific area, or a sacred symbol to create a feeling of peace.

Wendy’s attention to detail inspires her to integrate wood, metal, glass, or other design elements. Her other fiber art skills include: felting, contemporary quilting, knitting, crocheting, and embellishing. You can choose any of these in co-creating your personalized piece of textile art.

Wendy is available by appointment. She invites you to visit her Sedona, Arizona studio with its magnificent red rock views.

“Weaving is often, and aptly, used as a metaphor for life. Each experience is a thread which, added to others, helps create the warp and weft of that most unique of fabrics - the Self. I translate the tapestry of each client’s lifestyle and personality into a unique artistic statement of color, texture and pattern.”
~ Wendy Bialek, master weaver

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